12 juin 2020



C'était une demande particulière pour un projet particulier, celui de reconnecter les enfants à la nature, et leur nature. Et c'est dans la jolie ville d'Amsterdam que cela se passe!

Aurélia, que je connais depuis longtemps, m'a donné toute sa confiance, du moins assez pour se livrer et me donner toute la matière pour créer sa biographie. Cette femme est incroyable et je vous engage vivement à constater par vous-même son projet génial: Naya Nature

"I am Aurelia.
I am from everywhere. From Tours where I was born, from Barcelona where I feel like home and from Paris that I loved discovering over the years…
I am now from Amsterdam, where I have been living since 2015, date when my life changed (and not only because of the rain).
Because for a long time I was a « specialist » in managing change for big companies. Those were years when everything had to go faster to become more efficient.
Then I became a mother of two children. I immediately wanted the best for them. I discovered the joys of slowness. Now, I commend it.
And the awareness grew at the same pace as my children: we are degrading our living conditions. So I looked around me. Amsterdam is a decidedly green city where children naturally live outdoors. It had become obvious that I had to do something. I needed to connect people with nature, starting with me, my family, and then those for whom it is not obvious.
I knew! I wanted to dedicate myself to the children’s welfare today and prepare the adults of tomorrow.
For that, encounters were fundamental. And that’s great! I love that!
Like Jan, courageous young man, who managed to mobilize no less than twenty volonteers to create the first « Sustainable Food Festival », without any experience.
Like Bérénice, my forever « partner in crime », with whom I created the blog « Les voisines » where we would write about our own environmental-friendly experience, while looking for levers powerful enough to change behaviors.
Naturally, from this blog came out « Mission Coco ». Why « Coco » ? Because the coconut seed has an incredible ability to adapt and the coconut tree is based on a solid root system. I wish children to become the seeds of a larger movement, reconnecting to their nature through educational projects that I design, develop and promote.
Then, like Claire, my associate, who is my anchor but also my shining light and who accompanies me today in the great adventure of « Naya Nature », our « Nature-Academy » for children, families and Amsterdam’s schools.
So, I attended to the training « Passeur de Nature » from Eveil et Nature, a real educational gold mine, which helped me stay connected with my vision.
I wish, more than ever, to have a real social impact, and which is enthusiastic and creative, just like the inner nature of our children.
Because I fundamentally believe in enthusiasm. It is communicative. It spreads everywhere and should be the course of action to lead any change.
I especially believe that, until the second before I spoke to you, you may not have felt that much about nature.
But from now on, everything will change."